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The Biome Protocol is a practitioner-supervised program and is therefore available to health practitioners wishing to offer it to their patients.


As a provider of The Biome Protocol, you will have access to a six-part webinar series on the science behind the protocol.

In this series, Dr Agnes discusses the effect of the gut microbiota on various physiological processes and how alterations in these processes can lead to weight gain, obesity or resistance to weight loss. In each webinar, Dr Agnes also discusses specific nutrients that assist with the relevant process.


The webinar topics are as follows:

Webinar 1. Gut health and inflammation

Webinar 2. Nutrients and mitochondrial function

Webinar 3. Detoxification 

Webinar 4. Appetite regulation and energy balance

Webinar 5. Brain health

Webinar 6. Summary, clinical applications and implementation of The Biome Protocol in the practice setting.


Practitioners will be provided with a range of documents to assist with implementing the protocol into the clinic. These documents include a Clinic Manual, Health Questionnaire, Consent Form and Modification Sheets for various medical conditions that may need an individualised plan.


If you are a medical practitioner or naturopath and would like to offer The Biome Protocol to your patients, please contact

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